Originally published in 2008 under author Meghan White, SciFi/Fantasy novel Perimeter Red has been edited and re-published in it's second edition. Corrections, new content and a new pen name are the surface changes, while new E-book and Audiobook versions seek to give more options to a growing audience. 

"An Exciting Story to Read Multiple Times! "

"Remarkable... this is not just your average sci-fi novel."

"A mix of Scifi and Fantasy The book was hard for me to put down." 

"... a vast array of diverse and interesting characters." 

To those who thought I had a chance.

To those who supported me and always asked for more.

To those who kept me on the right path when it felt so easy to stray.

And to those about to meet these characters for the first time.

Thank you for sharing this world with me. 


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